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Your Home Is Uniquely Yours And It Can Be Anything You Want It To Be.

Hey Mama,

You’ve been through a lot of changes these last few years right? A child or two
or three, maybe a dog. You’ve outgrown the IKEA furniture and second-hand items.
You’re in a place in your life where you aren’t interested in following the
latest trends or being the same as everyone else. You know who you are and you
want your home to reflect that. Function and durability are key for your busy
family but you are also longing for a space that feeds your soul. A home that
is comfortable and makes you feel at ease after a hectic day. A home that reminds
you of your passions and interests and multi-faceted personality.

You’ve changed
and your home should change with you.

Residential Interior Designer

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. As a toddler mom, I hear you. Raising a family is hard work and I truly believe that your home can help or hinder you in this process.

Residential Interior Designer

Hi! I'm Kelsey!

I’m a Registered Interior Designer, multi-passionate entrepreneur, mama
to one busy toddler and one old dingo pup. I live in my hometown of Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan with my husband where we always have a DIY project (or two or
three!) on the go bringing our dated 80s home into the 21st century.
When we aren’t renovating, you can find us trying new recipes or whipping up
cocktails, and fighting over who gets to make dinner and who has to do the

I’m just a mom like you who’s living room is usually
littered with toys and who’s kitchen sink is full of dishes. My home is not
magazine worthy but I don’t care. It’s well lived in, full of memories, and
makes me happy. It reflects my style and personality and feels like home.
That’s really all that matters right?

Why I do what I do:

My love of design came early with two parents who were
always renovating our family home. After graduating University with an Interior
Design degree and a Business degree, I came back to my hometown. I spent years
working in Architecture firms working on large commercial projects but I
couldn’t stop thinking about starting my own design business where I could
collaborate with homeowners to create their dream home. Now that’s exactly what
I get to do. I believe that everyone should love the space they live in. Good
design should be accessible to all not just to the multi-millionaires. It’s not
about having an Instagram-worthy home. It’s about creating a home that is a
reflection of your personality and functions the way you need it to. My job is
not to design spaces that are worthy of magazine publications. My job is to
guide you through the design process to help you create the home of your
dreams. It doesn’t matter what my style is or what is trendy. What matters is
figuring out how you need your home to function for you and your family and how
you want it to feel. Your home should be your sanctuary. Your happy place. It
should be your comfort after a busy day. Let’s create your dream home together!

A Few Things To Know About Me...

  • I’m a no nonsense kind of gal. I’ll give you my honest opinion when it comes to
    designing your home and I won’t waste time going down a path I don’t think will work.

  • I believe that home design, while at times can be stressful and time consuming, should be a mostly enjoyable process. This is a time to be creative, to push boundaries,
    and to be reflective. I will always strive to help my client’s have the best experience possible while being straight-forward and realistic.

  • Family is my number one priority. That means my family as well as yours. Work-life balance is extremely important to me so while I always try to be flexible with client’s family obligations, I also expect that to go both ways with my family.

  • I never do something because it’s trendy. I’d much rather follow my own style than to try and keep up with what’s popular.

  • Family photos, heirloom pieces, sentimental items will always be given top priority in a home before HomeSense finds.

  • Colour is nothing to be afraid of.

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