Here's Why You Need An Interior Designer

Here's Why You Need An Interior Designer

The world of decorating and home renovation television shows while entertaining, has skewed the general public’s vision on what an Interior Designer really does. Designing and renovating a kitchen from scratch in one weekend is so unrealistic it’s laughable. And the idea that we are all flamboyant, eccentric, brightly dressed personalities is even more ridiculous. An Interior Designer’s role really goes far beyond designing pretty aesthetics for our clients. Our job most basically comes down to designing spaces that contribute to the health, safety, and welfare of people.
Interior Design is about the human experience.
Before you can decide if you need to hire an Interior Designer, you need to know what makes us different from Decorators and Architects. Click here to read that blog post. Okay now that you’ve read my previous blog post and have a better understanding of what an Interior Designer does, here are 5 reasons to hire an Interior Designer for your residential project:


1. They can do it better than you

I know this may be a bit blunt but it’s the truth. Let's say you need a new windshield for your car. Now you could try and do this yourself but if you have little experience with this type of thing, you are probably going to take it to a professional. Renovating homes and commercial spaces is not a straightforward task which is why trained professionals exist. If you think you can design a space, source products, hire trades, manage budgets and timelines, and manage a construction site better than a trained designer all while working your full-time job, you’re crazy. 


2. They can help you stay on budget and on time

Interior Designers can get more accurate pricing the for supply and install of products and finishes than you can. They have relationships with suppliers and can source products that fit within your budget. They can also help you figure out if your ideal scope of work will fit within your budget and if not, they can work with you to scale down the work. Designers also have a better understanding of how long projects take to be fully designed and built because they’ve been around the block a few times. They will let you know if your expected timeline is unrealistic and they will work with your contractor to keep the project moving forward.


3. They will make sure your design is safe and meets local building codes

As I mentioned before, Interior Designers are concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of the public. They must be licensed and to be licensed, they must pass three exams that test their knowledge on local building codes and accessibility guidelines. That is the main difference between a Designer and a Decorator. To reiterate, Interior Design is so much more than aesthetics.


4. They can help you figure out exactly what you need

A big part of Interior Design is asking questions. Interior Designers are constantly learning, discovering, prodding, and challenging. Sometimes what you think you need isn’t really the best solution for what you actually need. Designers can work with you to create an ideal design that you will be satisfied with in the end. They are knowledgeable about products and design details that you couldn’t possibly keep up to date on because it’s their job to be current. They have a network of product suppliers who are constantly teaching them about new solutions and products.


5. They will make sure your space is beautiful and functional in the end

Armed with their extensive design and construction knowledge and their ability to source many different types of products and finishes, Interior Designers can create spaces that are above and beyond your expectations. Like I mentioned, Interior Design is about the human experience. This not only means how a person feels looking at the space but how they feel moving through it as well. A designer’s goal is to provide you with a space that speaks to your visual appetite but also allows you to live and work in the space efficiently and functionally. 


So next time you watch a decorating show on TV, take with a grain of salt. It should provide you with entertainment value but don’t think it's going to teach you how to take on your own design project. Hiring an Interior Designer doesn’t have to break the bank. Yes, it’s an added fee to your project but remember that they will help your project run smoother with less hidden costs. It also means you won’t be dealing with design or construction hiccups while at your regular job. A good designer should be able to offer you design packages in various price ranges and levels of work so that you can find one that fits within your budget.
I hope this gave you a better understanding of the value of hiring an Interior Designer for your next residential design project. 
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